About Ooowee

OooWee BBQ is based in Charlotte, NC and has been in business for 10 years. We have been named one of Charlotte’s top Food Trucks multiple times and have become so popular that we expanded to two Food Trucks and a stand for Nascar at the Charlotte Motor Speedway!

George Leach founded Ooowee BBQ in Charlotte, NC. His story of how he became a Food Truck and Restaurant owner is very different than most.  Him and his partner Jeff Newton have absolutely no culinary background as most do. They are both 7 foot tall former college and professional basketball players.

George retired from basketball and has always loved to BBQ for his teammates and friends so he decided to pursue the culinary world. Food Trucks were just starting to become a “thing” in Charlotte back in 2013 so George started the 1st Ooowee BBQ Truck. One year later his former team mate and friend Jeff retired from basketball and became part owner. Jeff went all in with Ooowee and has been an integral part to the success and growth of the business.

Soon after George & Jeff both expanded Ooowee BBQ with a second truck and signed a contract with Levy Foods to have a permanent stand at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Now, along with all of that, they have opened a brick and mortar Ooowee BBQ Restaurant in Charlotte, NC.

Oooowee BBQ was truly built from the ground up and has gotten here with a lot of dedication, hard work, sweat and tears. It is completely family owned and operated and George hopes to continue the success to pass on to his son. He had always thought that his legacy would be basketball, turns out, it’s BBQ.

There are two food trucks out serving Charlotte several days a week. Both trucks have rotating menus. Come find Lil Ooowee & Big Ooowee.

You can find Ooowee BBQ at the Charlotte Motor Speedway at our concession stand. We are also their preferred caterer.